Thursday, 26 January 2012

Today's lunchtime walk produced a new patch and year tick for me. Starting at Wilton Lake which is now completely free from ice, so the birds look a lot happier. Goosander x3, Mallard x4, Pochard x3, Tufted Duck x4, Moorhen x4 & Coot x2. As I approached the Wilton Village sign a Treecreeper flew on to the trunk of a nearby tree. What a nice surprise, and a new 'double' tick. Blue Tit, Chaffinch, Great Tit, Robin and Wren could all be heard as I walked through the village. Near the Church, in a tall fir tree were another two Treecreepers and a Long-tailed Tit.

Walking down the golf course road, Pheasant, Mistle Thrush, Great Tit, Herring Gull, Carrion Crow and Blue Tit were seen along with approximately 4 Grey Squirrels.

2012 Year List
Birds = 73 (Treecreeper)
Mammals = 5
Moths = 0
Butterflies = 0

Wilton Patch
Birds = 39 (Treecreeper)
Mammals = 2
Moths = 0
Butterflies = 0

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