Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Wildlife Camera Trap at Nether Kellet

The aim of the taking the wildlife camera to Nether Kellet was to try and capture the antics of the rabbits living around Hawthorns Park.

Wildlife Camera Trap - July

Here are a few video clips recorded with the Wildlife Camera.

Friday, 12 August 2016

Migrant Hawker at Hawthorns in Nether Kellet

Whilst relaxing in the sunshine on Saturday 5th August, a Migrant Hawker Dragonfly flew past and landed on a tree. It stayed in the suspended position for approximately 30 minutes, before disappearing.

2nd Moth Evening in Nether Kellet, Lancashire (VC60)

On 5th August, I took my moth light to Hawthorns again and setup a makeshift moth trap.

Large Yellow Underwing 21
Blastobasis adustella 8
Diamond-back Moth 1
Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing 4
Dark Arches 5
Bird Cherry Ermine 3
Brimstone Moth 2
Silver Y 1
Shuttle-shaped Dart 1
Clepsis consimilana 1
Phoenix 1
Common Carpet 3
White-spotted Pug 1
Small Fan-footed Wave 1
Common Rustic agg 1
Tachystola acroxantha 2
Pandemis cinnamomeana 1
Cherry Fruit Moth 1
Eudonia lacustrata 3
Willow Ermine 1
Rhyaciona pinicolana 1
Swammerdamia caesiella 1
Crambus perlella 2
Holly Tortrix 1

 Shuttle-shaped Dart

Rhyacionia pinicolana

Common Carpet

Tachystola acroxantha

Silver Y

Pandemis cinnamomeana

Cherry Fruit Moth

Small Fan-footed Wave

Garden Moth Update - Sunday 31st July 2016

Week 22 of the Garden Moth Scheme with an overnight minimum temperature of 11.6°C.

Bird Cherry Ermine 1
Diamond-back Moth 17
White-shouldered House Moth 1
Blastobasis adustella 6
Light Brown Apple Moth 1
Agriphila straminella 1
Agriphila tristella 1
Gold Triangle 1
White-spotted Pug 1
Riband Wave 2
Garden Carpet 2
Brimstone Moth 1
Common Footman 2
Heart and Dart 1
Large Yellow Underwing 1
Pale Mottled Willow 1
Marbled Beauty 1
Dark Arches 2
Marbled Minor agg 1
Common Rustic agg 1

Gold Triangle

White-spotted Pug

Pale Mottled Willow

Saturday, 6 August 2016

1st Moth Evening at Nether Kellet (VC60) 30th July 2016

I took my 30W Actinic Light to our holiday home at Hawthorns Park and I spent an enjoyable few hours watching the following moths come to the light. The moths started to arrive at approximately 9:30 pm which is very early compare with home. This was my first experience of mothing under dark skies with very little light pollution.

Large Yellow Underwing 3
Blastobasis Adustella 1
Small Emerald 1
Common Carpet 1
Riband Wave (Banded) 1
Marbled Minor agg 1
White-shouldered House Moth 1
Clepsis Consimilana 1
Herald 1
July Highflyer 1
Muslin Footman 1
Honeysuckle Moth 1

The July Highflyer and Muslin Footman were lifers for me.

Muslin Footman


July Highflyer

Foulshaw Moss 30th July 2016

First visit to this Cumbria Wildlife Trust Nature Reserve and I will be returning after been impressed by the wildlife present in such as fragile habitat. The day was unfortunately bit a on the cool side, so not very many butterflies were flying about. We watched two Ospreys take to the skies around the reserve.

Giant Tachnid Fly

Black Darter

Common Lizard

Common Darter

Common Blue Damselfly

Speckled Wood Butterfly

Giant Tachnid Fly