Saturday, 6 August 2016

1st Moth Evening at Nether Kellet (VC60) 30th July 2016

I took my 30W Actinic Light to our holiday home at Hawthorns Park and I spent an enjoyable few hours watching the following moths come to the light. The moths started to arrive at approximately 9:30 pm which is very early compare with home. This was my first experience of mothing under dark skies with very little light pollution.

Large Yellow Underwing 3
Blastobasis Adustella 1
Small Emerald 1
Common Carpet 1
Riband Wave (Banded) 1
Marbled Minor agg 1
White-shouldered House Moth 1
Clepsis Consimilana 1
Herald 1
July Highflyer 1
Muslin Footman 1
Honeysuckle Moth 1

The July Highflyer and Muslin Footman were lifers for me.

Muslin Footman


July Highflyer

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