Sunday, 24 February 2013

This afternoon I managed to find a few hours to get out around the North Tees Marshes with the hope of catching up with two birds I missed last weekend.

First stopped was the Teesmouth National Nature Reserve Car Park to look for a Bean Goose within a mixed flock of Canada and Greylag Geese. After an initial unsuccessful scan, the Bean Goose slowly walked into view and relatively close by too. Good views of a smart bird.

After leaving the Bean Goose, next stop was Saltholme East Pool for a Greater Scaup that give me the slip last weekend. The weather was getting worse with driving snow and rain, but perseverance paid off and the Scaup was diving in the centre of the pool.

Before heading home, I stopped by Greenabella Marsh and watched five Roe Deers slowly walking through the vegetation.

2013 Bird List = 82 (Bean Goose & Scaup)

2013 Mammal list = 6 (Roe Deer)

2013 Butterfly List = 0

2013 Moth List = 2 (White-shouldered House Moth)

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