Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Butterfly Walk (recce) 13th July 2013

On Sunday 14th July 2013, had a public walk to lead for the Teesmouth Field Centre around the Hartlepool Power Station Nature Trail. I do this walk every year around the same time in July, so I decided to do a recce and checkout the route the day before.

We have been experiencing some very hot weather and Saturday was no exception at 28°C. The grass lined paths seemed to hold the heat and there was a very breeze to move the hot air. As I walked the Nature Trail I recorded the following species...

Meadow Brown 89
Large Skipper 24
Small Skipper 6
Small Heath 49
Ringlet 12

Narrow-bordered Five-spot Burnet Moth 14
Six-spot Burnet Moth 13
Burnet Moth sp 23
Shaded Broad-bar 2

Carrion Crow 2
Woodpigeon 3
Common Whitethroat 3
Goldfinch 1
Magpie 3
Pheasant 3
Linnet 3
Dunnock 1
Wren 1
Swallow 2


Emperor Dragonfly

Large Skipper

Narrow Bordered Five Spot Burnet

Narrow Bordered Five Spot Burnet

Narrow Bordered Five Spot Burnet

Emperor Dragonfly

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