Monday, 5 August 2013

Wildlife Camera Trap

On Friday night I put out the Hedgehog food as per usual at 10 pm and returned to the house. I watched through the window waiting for the Hedgehog to limbo under the garden gate, head down the path, across the grass to the water dish. Then go to the food for the first snack of the night.

This is a regular route taken everynight since his daily visits started in June 2013. However, the night sky was lit up with fireworks from the Stockton International Riverside Festival and the louds bangs could be heard over the 1.5 mile distance.

Usually by 10:40 pm, the Hedgehog has been and gone, but on Friday he was late. Whether the celebrations delayed his visit, but I as watching the gate the food dish suddenly tipped up vertically and then fell back to his original position. Had I missed his arrival?

After looking through some binoculars I found the following garden visitor and a thief..............

Would they be any food left for the Hedgehog?

The answer was NO and the little thief came back once more to double-check the dish was empty.

Next question - would the Hedgehog learn?

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