Monday, 30 December 2013

BTO Winter Thrushes Survey

Yesterday, I did  my core square (NZ4622)  for the BTO Winter Thrush Survey. Despite all the recent bad weather, Sunday was sunny with no wind, so ideal for looking for Blackbirds, etc.  

Last year, on New Years Day only three Blackbirds were seen so I was hoping to see more. As you can see from the updated map, the birds were certainly using the square.

To most surveyors a largely industrial square does not appeal, but I always welcome a challenge to find birds within unusual habitats and hidden areas will are useful wildlife corridors.

Highlights were as follows:
Point 5 - a single apple tree with fallen fruit below provided the local birds with a good food source. Five Blackbirds were counted.

Point 9 - all of a sudden four Redwing appeared overhead and also in the trees & bushes along with three Blackbirds. A total of eight Redwings were counted here.

Point 10 - five Redwings and three Blackbirds were perched in the trees enjoying the warmth of the sun.

Point 11 - seven Redwings were perched in small bushes enjoying the sun.

Point 12 -  ten Blackbirds were counted in roadside Hawthorn trees with last berries that were of poor quality.

Point 13 - 30+ Starlings were seen dropping into the gardens, presumably taking advantage of kitchen scraps.

Total - 29 Blackbirds, 20 Redwings and 30+ Starlings.

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