Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Dubai March 2015 - 20th March 2015

Our penultimate birding day of our fantastic holiday, so we went to the Pivot Fields.

The usual birds were feeding and drinking around the irrigation area, but no new species were spotted. As we moved to another part of the area we sat watching a beautiful Black-headed Yellow Wagtail when a Bluethroat jump out of the long grass. It hopped around with the House Sparrows picking up bits off the grass and then disappeared as quickly as it appeared.

Then a female Hen Harrier flew past the car, initially I had expected it to be a Marsh Harrier, but the white rump was very apparent as the bird came closer over the reeds.

We moved again, a scanned the area with our binoculars. In the sky, I noticed a bird hovering and when I found it in the telescope the bird turned into a male Black-Shouldered Kite (or Black-winged Kite). We watched this bird for sometime and we were lucky to see it perch on the water irrigation gantry. Another birdwatcher approach, to show us his photos and when I reported the sighting to the UAE bird recorder it is the 19th record for UAE.

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