Tuesday, 2 June 2015

SW Turkey Bird Trip - Saturday 2nd to 11th May 2015

Sunday 3rd May 2015

Our first full day in Turkey, started with a trip to Agla and also Koycegiz Marshes.

Target species - Kruper's Nuthatch & Common Redstart (samanisicus).

However, before breakfast we went for a walk along the lake and into the surrounding countryside. As we walked along the lakeside, Swallows were swooping for a drink and a quick wash.

As we left the houses behind, the air was filled with bird song and calls. Eastern Olivaceous Warbler and Cettis Warbler were already calling from the roadside bushes. Hooded Crow and Magpie were numerous. As we cross a stream and stood watching some Little Egret, a Smyrna Kingfisher gave a very brief view in flight.

Next to a basketball / tennis court a Masked Shrike sat high up in a tree, lit by the morning sunlight.

 A bit too high for my camera, but a record shot.

On the way to Agla, we spotted a battle-scarred Spur-thighed Tortoise crossing the road.

In the woodland at Agla, the were several Tortoise moving about in the undergrowth. It was a little tricky when walking when something you assume to be a rock suddenly starts to move.

Moving about the trees, very quickly were at least a pair of Kruper's Nuthatch wouldn't stay still longer enough for me to take a picture. Beautiful birds to watch, very quick and agile when feeding in the pine trees.

A Woodchat Shrike was also on the lookout for food.

On the ground we got our first glimpse of an Eastern Festroon and Orange Tip Butterflies.

Moving one to another site, this time we were looking for Syrian and Middle-spotted Woodpeckers. We were successful with good views of both species and an Eastern Bonelli's Warbler.

Further along the valley we watched the Samamisicus race of Common Redstart with its white wing patch.

In the afternoon we spent time at Koycegiz Marshes and the following new species were added to the list.

Purple Heron
Short-toed Eagle
Northern Goshawk
Common Buzzard
Turtle Dove
Syrian Woodpecker
Middle-spotted Woodpecker
Lesser Spotted Woodpecker
Water Pipit (coutelli)
Grey Wagtail
Rufous Bush Chat
Common Redstart
Song Thrush
Lesser Whitethroat
Common Whitethroat
Eastern Bonelli's Warbler
Blue Tit
Kruper's Nuthatch
Western Rock Nuthatch
Red-backed Shrike
Woodchat Shrike
Masked Shrike
Rock Sparrow
Cirl Bunting
Black-headed Bunting
Gull-billed Tern

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