Monday, 18 April 2016

Dubai - Arabian Ranches Lake & Area (Damselflies & Dragonflies, plus other insects)

Damselflies / Dragonflies
Evan's Bluetail (found in garden) - see post for 14th March
Slender Skimmer (Arabian lake)
Purple Blushed Darter (Arabian lake)

Slender Skimmer

Purple Blushed Darter

Other Insects
Scoliid Wasp, Camsomeriella thoracica (found in the garden)
Unidentified Wasp (found in garden)
Unidentified Fly (found in the garden)
Unidentified Insect (found in the garden)

Scoliid Wasp

Unidentified Wasp

Unidentified Fly

Unidentified Insect

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