Saturday, 2 July 2016

Garden Moth Update - 9th June 2016

Week 15 of the Garden Moth Scheme, with an overnight minimum temperature of 13.9°C.

Common Marbled Carpet 1
Diamond-back Moth 14*
Flame Carpet 1
Light Brown Apple Moth 2
Heart & Dart 1
Mottled Pug 2
Common Pug 1

Flame Carpet

Diamond-back Moth

*14 is the highest number I have recorded for Diamond-back moths. Whilst I was on holiday in Bulgaria, moth recorders were reporting hundreds of Diamond-back moths arriving in the UK.

Migrant Lepidoptera suggested this as a likely route of the moth - Western Russia to Finland..onwards. A 2 mile long cloud of moths was reported near Leominster in the UK.

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