Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Garden Moth Update - GMS Week 13

On Saturday 27th May, I put out the moth trapped hopeful of good numbers.

It was a milder evening and unfortunately I forgot the measure the overnight temperature.

Brown House Moth 1
Light Brown Apple Moth 15
Mompha Subbistrigella 1
Codling Moth 1
Bee Moth 3
Figure of Eighty 1
Garden Carpet 3
Flame Carpet 1
Green Carpet 1
Green Pug 1
Mottled Pug 4
Treble-bar 1
Pale Prominent 2
Dark Dagger / Grey Dagger agg 1
Heart & Dart 2
Shuttle-shaped Dart 1


Pale Prominent

Green Pug

Dark Dagger / Grey Dagger agg

Light Brown Apple Moth

Garden Carpet

Flame Carpet

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