Friday, 21 July 2017

Moth Update from VC60

A week's holiday in North Lancashire & South Lake District starting on Friday 16th June was the hottest UK holiday I have ever had. It included my birthday and I can safely say that it was the hottest  birthday I have ever had which is usually cool and damp.

On Saturday morning, I was entertained by a non-feathered visitor to my feeder. The birds were not impressed and sat patiently along the branches of the cherry tree.

The first mothing was done on Saturday evening, which did produce some nice moths. The evening was warm and very pleasant, so I enjoy watching the moths nectaring before entering the trapped for a rest on the egg boxes.

Tachystola acroxantha 2
Light Brown Apple Moth 1
Barred Fruit-tree Tortrix 1
Cypress Tip Moth 1 (new moth for me and SD59)
Large Yellow Underwing 1

Cypress Tip Moth

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