Sunday, 24 March 2013

Dubai 2013 - 11th March 2013

I woke up to a new day and from my hotel window I watched a male Kestrel fly past the hotel and perched on top of the artificial ski run building connected to the Emirates Mall. Urban birding has plenty of challenges, but there are rewards to be found as I felt privileged to watch the aerial agility of one of our loved falcons.

Today's trip was to Safa Park and despite the well-kept appearance of this green space I thoroughly enjoyed walking the paths checking the trees and bushes for hidden gems. Several Swallowtail butterflies were flying about, but unfortunately they did not stop for me to photograph them. The new additions from this site were House Crow, Pied Myna, Purple Sunbird, Little Grebe, Mallard and an Eastern Olivaceous Warbler.

The photograph below is a House Crow, seen in Safa Park.

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