Monday, 17 June 2013

Billingham Beck Valley

Today, I went for a walk in Billingham Beck Valley from the car park near the visitor centre.  Despite the windy conditions in the valley in was warm and sheltered. Most of the birds seen were either feedings fledgings or carrying food to a nest site. Common Whitethroat, Great Tit, Robin, Willow Warbler, Garden Warbler and Goldfinch were all seen in a small area near a split in the path.

Walking on further, I came to a small wooden bridge over the beck. A Mallard and seven ducklings were busy feeding on flies along the beck and a Blackbird sat in the tree ready to start the afternoon chorus together with a Chiffchaff.

Over the bridge and down the path, the vegetation near our feet was alive with Nettle-tap Moths. Small & Large White butterflies flew past at head high and another day flying moth called a Grass Rivulet was spotted.

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